Thursday, October 8, 2009

Czech, Mate! /// Doneee.

Ahoj jmenuji se Megan a jsem ze Spojených států (:

Since I'm 1/8 Czechoslovakian, I decided to check it out!
I spent one night in the wind pointe hostel. Out of my whole trip, I think it will be the coolest hostel, because I have a futon (:

At the Cheb Museum, used to be the Old Pachelbel House, I learned that Albrecht Von Wallenstein was assassinated in his home in 1634
by officers that were under his charge, they were sent by the emperor. At the second level, there is a pretty vivid display of the murder. While the first floor of the museum holds many beautiful paintings, that are less depressing. There is a picture of just one of them at the top of my blog ^^

At the Krkonose mountains, I hiked around the Harrach path. It was so beautiful and the temperature was absolutely perfect for hiking. I saw so many birds while birdwatching, and actually that's one of the reasons they created this national park. The rare trees and birds are
being protected in this park.

At one point on the mountain, there were many skiers going down part of the mountains. I thought it was so interesting that I had to stop and watch them be challenged. I also laughed when I could see them fall, (:

One of the most important Romanesque monuments in the Czech republic is remains of the Cheb Castle, that I visited. It was built by the emperor in the 12th century, with its own interesting volcanic stone black tower. It looks very plain, but it didn't seem that way while I was there. The stone that is was made of was so beautiful but it felt that it might fall at any moment, though. When I climbed to the top of it, I saw the most beautiful sights of the city. Oh, so breathtaking.

I am so glad that I checked out this country. I had so much fun here and met to many nice people!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holy Supper!

Ciao il mio nome è Megan e provengo dagli Stati Uniti. :D

I didn't realize how much the title made sense until after I started writing my blog, anyways ...

While in Milan, I Went to The Last Supper. The Last Supper is one of the most famous artworks in Italy. It was just recently restored to be viewed by the public. I'm so glad that I waited to plan my trip for this year. If I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have been able to see this painting. It wasn't the painting its self that got my attention, though. Of course it's beautiful, but the history behind it captured me. While walking in the Church of Santa Marie Delle Grazie, what a name, I learned that Davinci had painted this sometime between 1495 and 1497. For something, especially a painting, to be THAT old and still around, astonishes me.
It was faded, but as I said before, they restored it;
Thank you, new found technology (:

And, By the way, I'm staying in the Hostel Beautiful, those LIARS!
But the city is totally worth it.

Any who, I also visited the Roman Colosseum. When I decided I was going to Italy, I was EXTREMELY excited to go here. I have heard so much about this colosseum, and I was just dying to check it out. While there, I was definitely not disappointed. I wish that I had a flux capacitor and could go to the time and experience an activity that went on there. If I did, it would look much different. The floor has been removed so that you can see the rooms in the basement, where they held the animals. Just being in this giant historical place made me feel important. I can see why it is a World Wonder. (:

I went to the Vatican Gardens in the Vatican city, to try and compare them to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Wow, they were very organized. Although they didn't really have flowers, they arranged everything to be perfect, I felt very out of place. But there wasn't anyone around me most of the time, so it was okay. I also got to stop and take in every detail of the gardens since there was no pressure around. (:

BaDaBaBaBaaa; The Ukraine is Cool!

In the Ukraine, I decided I'd stop in the Vienna Cafe for a mocha and tiramasu (: It can't hurt you. :P The tiramasu was AMAZING, the best I have ever had. And I should be an expert on Tiramasu. xD. But the coffee shop was so laid back and everyone was just chill. I got to lay down on the sofa! I compared that to Starbucks coffee, and I wish we had a Vienna Cafe in the United States. If you're going to Kyve anytime soon, you HAVE to stop by that place!

Привіт мене звуть Меган, я зі Сполучених Штатів. (:
Hello, I am Megan and I'm from the United States. (:

The Carpathian mountains are the main tourist attraction in the Ukraine.
I did some minor hiking and that mountain range has SO much plant diversity, I was just amazed. Everywhere I turned I had to crouch down and check
it out. I found a green lizard, his name is jeff. He is now my new best friend. (: I'm really happy I made this decision to go here because everything was so rich and green. It's just truly beautiful!

The National Art Museum was the first museum in the country, built in 1897. I got to see Ukrainian art from the Medieval times, which are my favorite art period. All the interesting art was to cool, and it varied so much since they have been receiving art for over 100 years.
^^ That painting was my favorite of the many. It has so many interesting aspects to take in. I HAD to take a picture of it. I actually had one of the other tourists in the museum take my photograph next to it so that I could create a memorable photo album when I got home. It turns out, after talking with them, that they were from Charleston and this was their favorite picture, too! Small world, mann!

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is ESTONIA! :D

Tere, minu nimi on Megan ja mina olen Ameerika Ühendriigid to all you Estonian speakers out there (:

Anyways, after the plane ride, I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. I was so tired and it was so late that I just stumbled into my cozy GDIC Backpackers hostel and went to sleep. The next morning, though, I went to The Dome Church. The church was very old and made of stone, so I knew it HAD to be really old ;) My tour guide told me that The Dome Church is said to be Estonia's oldest church, and has also said to have been the only building to withstand a fire in the 17th century.

The two parts of the dome Church that I will remember the most is the central nave and the organ's loft. The central nave was so beautiful and I felt that I knew what it might have been like, to be standing where I stood, about 300 years ago. The Organ's loft was so big and intimidating, I would love to be able to walk through my house and see THAT everyday. (:

For breakfast, I went down the street to the Ice Cream Parlor. Even though it was pretty early, there were a lot of people on the streets, and everyone was so cheerful. (:
I had the Black and White twins. They were two pancackes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. One of the best parts about Europe is they have the best belgian chocolate and ice cream. I would seriously have to say that was the BEST breakfast I have ever had. And it wasn't that expensive! $3.49 for all of it! :D

I decided to stay away from mountains in Estonia and visit a lake. The lake I visited was created by a meteor. The lake is called Kaali Saaremaa. (It sounds cool, say THAT three times; it's catchy.) It is 100 meters wide and 16 meters deep. That must have been one big crater!
Anyways, I enjoyed seeing the lake and watching other people play by it, too. As you can see from the picture, it was very pretty (:
It seemed like a secret lake hidden in the forest. I really wanted to play ninja spies, but no one was cool enough to play ):

I feel great that I got to experience Estonia, because it is such a small country that many people overlook.

I love Europe. :D