Friday, October 2, 2009

This is ESTONIA! :D

Tere, minu nimi on Megan ja mina olen Ameerika Ühendriigid to all you Estonian speakers out there (:

Anyways, after the plane ride, I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. I was so tired and it was so late that I just stumbled into my cozy GDIC Backpackers hostel and went to sleep. The next morning, though, I went to The Dome Church. The church was very old and made of stone, so I knew it HAD to be really old ;) My tour guide told me that The Dome Church is said to be Estonia's oldest church, and has also said to have been the only building to withstand a fire in the 17th century.

The two parts of the dome Church that I will remember the most is the central nave and the organ's loft. The central nave was so beautiful and I felt that I knew what it might have been like, to be standing where I stood, about 300 years ago. The Organ's loft was so big and intimidating, I would love to be able to walk through my house and see THAT everyday. (:

For breakfast, I went down the street to the Ice Cream Parlor. Even though it was pretty early, there were a lot of people on the streets, and everyone was so cheerful. (:
I had the Black and White twins. They were two pancackes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. One of the best parts about Europe is they have the best belgian chocolate and ice cream. I would seriously have to say that was the BEST breakfast I have ever had. And it wasn't that expensive! $3.49 for all of it! :D

I decided to stay away from mountains in Estonia and visit a lake. The lake I visited was created by a meteor. The lake is called Kaali Saaremaa. (It sounds cool, say THAT three times; it's catchy.) It is 100 meters wide and 16 meters deep. That must have been one big crater!
Anyways, I enjoyed seeing the lake and watching other people play by it, too. As you can see from the picture, it was very pretty (:
It seemed like a secret lake hidden in the forest. I really wanted to play ninja spies, but no one was cool enough to play ):

I feel great that I got to experience Estonia, because it is such a small country that many people overlook.

I love Europe. :D


  1. Great job, Megggg :)

    And that breakfast, yeah, at first sight I thought it was a cake. Looks delicious, you're so very lucky you got to eat that! :D

    Besides that, the trip you took sounds like you had an amazing time. You should definitely take me some time :) That is, if you decide to go again.

    I loveee youuuuu.

  2. Are you kidding....I could eat that for breakfast every morning!!

  3. Kui saate näitaja mida see ütleb, et tulla ja öelda, ja mulle on üllatus ootab teid!