Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BaDaBaBaBaaa; The Ukraine is Cool!

In the Ukraine, I decided I'd stop in the Vienna Cafe for a mocha and tiramasu (: It can't hurt you. :P The tiramasu was AMAZING, the best I have ever had. And I should be an expert on Tiramasu. xD. But the coffee shop was so laid back and everyone was just chill. I got to lay down on the sofa! I compared that to Starbucks coffee, and I wish we had a Vienna Cafe in the United States. If you're going to Kyve anytime soon, you HAVE to stop by that place!

Привіт мене звуть Меган, я зі Сполучених Штатів. (:
Hello, I am Megan and I'm from the United States. (:

The Carpathian mountains are the main tourist attraction in the Ukraine.
I did some minor hiking and that mountain range has SO much plant diversity, I was just amazed. Everywhere I turned I had to crouch down and check
it out. I found a green lizard, his name is jeff. He is now my new best friend. (: I'm really happy I made this decision to go here because everything was so rich and green. It's just truly beautiful!

The National Art Museum was the first museum in the country, built in 1897. I got to see Ukrainian art from the Medieval times, which are my favorite art period. All the interesting art was to cool, and it varied so much since they have been receiving art for over 100 years.
^^ That painting was my favorite of the many. It has so many interesting aspects to take in. I HAD to take a picture of it. I actually had one of the other tourists in the museum take my photograph next to it so that I could create a memorable photo album when I got home. It turns out, after talking with them, that they were from Charleston and this was their favorite picture, too! Small world, mann!

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