Thursday, October 8, 2009

Czech, Mate! /// Doneee.

Ahoj jmenuji se Megan a jsem ze Spojených států (:

Since I'm 1/8 Czechoslovakian, I decided to check it out!
I spent one night in the wind pointe hostel. Out of my whole trip, I think it will be the coolest hostel, because I have a futon (:

At the Cheb Museum, used to be the Old Pachelbel House, I learned that Albrecht Von Wallenstein was assassinated in his home in 1634
by officers that were under his charge, they were sent by the emperor. At the second level, there is a pretty vivid display of the murder. While the first floor of the museum holds many beautiful paintings, that are less depressing. There is a picture of just one of them at the top of my blog ^^

At the Krkonose mountains, I hiked around the Harrach path. It was so beautiful and the temperature was absolutely perfect for hiking. I saw so many birds while birdwatching, and actually that's one of the reasons they created this national park. The rare trees and birds are
being protected in this park.

At one point on the mountain, there were many skiers going down part of the mountains. I thought it was so interesting that I had to stop and watch them be challenged. I also laughed when I could see them fall, (:

One of the most important Romanesque monuments in the Czech republic is remains of the Cheb Castle, that I visited. It was built by the emperor in the 12th century, with its own interesting volcanic stone black tower. It looks very plain, but it didn't seem that way while I was there. The stone that is was made of was so beautiful but it felt that it might fall at any moment, though. When I climbed to the top of it, I saw the most beautiful sights of the city. Oh, so breathtaking.

I am so glad that I checked out this country. I had so much fun here and met to many nice people!

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